Our Success Story

We are a textile industry company with main division of knitting, dyeing, printing, and non woven (bed cover).

Our company is a local private company, established in year 2015, Purwakarta, Indonesia.

Since today, we have mass production and consistently broaden our influence through capacity, quality advancement, and technology performance.

Our Vision
We are working forward to be a nationwide textile leader specialized in knitting

Our Mission
- Improve product and service quality
- Improve human resource performance
- Improve cost efficiency

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Our Process

We carefully refine raw materials, crafting altogether through every step passionately, up to becoming a final goods. Every step is varied depends on the goods type. The last step is quality control, assuring the goods surpass the defined standard


In traditional ways, people buy yarn and knit them manually by hand with equipment as needle to make clothes. Nowadays, this traditional knitting is still exist, some said as a hobby, and some for commercial, known as tailor-made clothes which suits client’s body

Todays, textile industry has many kind of knitting machines for mass production. The material also using yarn with main equipment as needle. The difference is the automate knitting machine which can produce mass quantity of clothes, average per machine productivity is 800 kilograms clothes or fabrics greige daily


Fabric greige needs to be colorized. This needs material such as dyestuff & chemical. And process with high temperature. We specialized in dyeing polyester, cotton, rayon, spandex and non-spandex


While dyeing is coloring cloth, printing is designing cloth with pattern


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Mon-Fri : 8am - 5pm
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